Tooth Incision & Drainage- An Effective Oral Surgical Procedure to Treat a Severe Dental Infection

Have you been living with a cavity for quite some time now? Are your gums swelling? Have you not been able to visit a dentist due to your busy work schedule? If yes, then you should because when dental cavities are left untreated, they progress into an infection resulting in swollen gums. With time, the infection spreads into the jaw bones and surrounding soft tissue. This condition is not only painful, but dangerous too. The infection can spread to the brain and heart in a short time. It causes severe illness and can often be fatal. So, don’t delay visiting an emergency dentist anymore!
How to find out that the Dental Infection has spread through the Jaw Bone?
A noticeable swelling of the individual’s mouth or face is the first symptom that shows that infection has penetrated through the jaw bone into the surrounding soft tissue. This is when tooth incision and drainage is advisable.
Other signs include:
Difficulty in opening of the mouth
Difficulty in swallowing food
Tooth abscess tends to increase as the infection worsens. Pus develops in the infected area and leads to gum inflammation and tenderness.
In case of advanced infection it may lead to:
Fever and Sweat
Dental Incision and Drainage
Tooth incision and drainage is a dental treatment that is needed when the infection spreads into the jaw causing tooth abscess. To undergo this dental treatment, first the dentist reviews the patient’s medical and dental history. Upon clinical assessment, dental treatment is planned. The dentist gives local anesthesia to the patient to numb the infected area in the mouth. Then an incision is made in the gums to access the infected area. Using saline solution, the infection and pus is then drained and the area is rinsed properly. In those cases where the infection is severe, the dentist uses rubber drain to facilitate the drainage. It is left in the mouth and removed after 24 to 48 hours.
After the procedure, the dentist evaluates the progress and may prescribe antibiotics for one week after the dental procedure.
This treatment is highly effective for removing dental infections. It has demonstrated excellent outcomes for patients.
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