Operculectomy- Dental Treatment for Wisdom Tooth Pain

Do you have an unbearable toothache due to the partial eruption of your wisdom tooth? If yes, then you may have to undergo Operculectomy dental treatment. To find out more on Operculectomy, continue reading.
Wisdom teeth are the four third molars in our mouth that usually appear between the ages of 17 and 26. Sometimes wisdom teeth fail to develop or erupt properly through the gum bed making the gum extend over the biting surface that forms a tissue flap around the teeth. The flap is called operculum.
Symptoms and Treatment
Cleaning the covered tooth by operculum can be difficult and can accumulate bacteria causing infection. The infected area tends to swell, causes redness of the gum and gives out a bad smell. The operculum gets irritated and inflamed while chewing and biting food.
The condition is severely painful and requires immediate removal of the operculum through the dental procedure called Operculectomy. In simple words, Operculectomy can be described as a treatment to remove a kind of gingivectomy that is related to a partially erupted wisdom tooth.
Operculectomy is a radio surgical treatment in which a laser is used to cut off and remove the infected and inflamed tissue flap covering the tooth relieving you from pain. This is not a standard treatment and is only recommended and considered if the upper opposing wisdom tooth is traumatizing the gum flap (operculum) causing severe discomfort and pain.
However, if the Operculum grows back, in some time, then this dental procedure needs to be repeated again.
Risk Involved
Operculectomy is considered to be a risky dental procedure and therefore must be always carried by a professional and qualified dentist. It is risky because the area where the operculum is removed runs the lingual nerve. The lingual nerve supplies sensation to the tongue. If this is affected or damaged during the procedure, it can lead to loss of taste on that area of the tongue. The numbness can last for months. Therefore, to carry out an Operculectomy, a qualified dentist is recommended.
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