All You Need To Know About Pulpectomy

Poor oral hygiene can trigger dental infections that can cause tooth abscess. When a dental infection reaches the pulp, then your dentist may advise for a pulpectomy. Pulp is a soft living tissue inside the tooth. It contains blood vessels, nerves, connective tissues and reparative cells.

What is Pulpectomy?
It is a dental procedure which is carried to maintain the vitality of the affected tooth to prevent tooth loss. This treatment is required when the entire pulp is infected due to cavities or traumatic injury.

The Procedure for Pulpectomy
Before pulpectomy, the dentist first conducts an oral examination to identify the problem and the degree to which the damage is caused by the infection. Sometimes the infection can be identified visually at the gum line or the tooth may develop an abscess, but in other circumstances the dentist may need an X-ray to evaluate the condition of the patient.
The treatment can be discomforting and painful; therefore to minimize the pain, dentists use local anesthetics. It numbs the infected area. Then a hole is drilled into the infected tooth to allow the dentist to reach the pulp. Then the diseased pulp tissue is entirely removed from both the crown and root. Once removed, the tooth is no longer vital. The root canals are cleansed properly and medicated to remove any lingering traces of infection. Next, the tooth is filled with an inert substance or resorbable cement and then sealed with a stainless steel crown or a cap.
Once the procedure is complete, prophylactic antibiotics are prescribed to the patient to reduce the risk of developing the infection again.

What Can a Delay in the Treatment Lead To?
If you leave the infection untreated or don’t get a pulpectomy done in time, this delay can damage the supporting bone around the tooth severely and due to which you may have to get a tooth extraction. Therefore, it’s advisable to visit the dentist and get it treated right away.

How is a Pulpotomy Different from a Pulpectomy?
Dentists advise a Pulpotomy when dental infection is only limited to the crown of the tooth and has not spread to the root canal. In this treatment, the only the infected material in the pulp is removed, not all of it, therefore the pulp remains vital.

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