Lost a Filling?-Get Emergency Filling to Relief Yourself from Excruciating Pain

In case of a cavity, dentists first remove the cavity, then clean the tooth and fill it with a compound also known as tooth filling. This is a common treatment to fill the hole caused by cavities. The average life of a filling is between 5 to 12 years. However, sometimes it can break or fall out; this is where you need emergency dental treatment as it may lead to unbearable pain.
Reasons for Filling to Break or Fall Out
There are many reasons that can cause tooth filling to break or fall out. Sometimes it results when a cavity develops underneath the filling. While other reasons for filling to fracture and dislodge include forceful biting, intake of sticky foods like candies and chewing gums or a blow to the face.
If you lose your tooth filling, you must first remove it from your mouth instead of swallowing it down your throat. However, if you do swallow it accidentally, don’t worry it will pass through your system without any problem. However in case you breathe it into your lungs, it may cause an infection.
Reach out to Emergency Dentist
Though losing a filling is nothing serious bit it may keep you in severe pain. To relieve yourself from pain immediately, you may need emergency filling. For this you will have to visit an emergency dentist right away.
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Emergency Filling- How it is Carried?
The dentist first takes an X-ray of your tooth to check if there is any decay in the exposed area. Decay often changes the shape of the tooth which causes the filling to loosen. If there is developed, then the dentist will immediately remove it and clean the tooth after which the dentist will accommodate a new filling. It may not require more drilling.
Once the cavity is refilled, the dentist will then shape the filling to match your natural teeth so that you can have an unobstructed bite.
Besides immediate pain relief, emergency filling is also advisable immediately after the filling breaks or falls out to minimize any further damage.

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