Tooth Extraction

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Tooth Extraction If your tooth is severely damaged or loose and can’t be repaired through fillings or a dental crown, then you may have to undergo tooth extraction. It is a dental procedure which is often considered to be the


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All You Need To Know About Pulpectomy Poor oral hygiene can trigger dental infections that can cause tooth abscess. When a dental infection reaches the pulp, then your dentist may advise for a pulpectomy. Pulp is a soft living tissue


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Operculectomy – Dental Treatment for Wisdom Tooth Pain Do you have an unbearable toothache due to the partial eruption of your wisdom tooth? If yes, then you may have to undergo Operculectomy dental treatment. To find out more on Operculectomy,

Incision & Drainage

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Incision & Drainage – An Effective Oral Surgical Procedure to Treat a Severe Dental Infection Have you been living with a cavity for quite some time now? Are your gums swelling? Have you not been able to visit a dentist

Dental Veneers

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An uneven, discolored yellowish smile can lower your self-confidence greatly. You may try to avoid smiling in public, but then for how long? If your smile is holding you back from interacting with people and enjoying life, then it’s time

Tooth Bonding

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Tooth Bonding – Perfect Way to Repair Teeth While Ensuring a Pleasant Smile Do you have a front chipped tooth? Does it make you self-conscious when you smile? Is it damaging your self-esteem? If yes, then tooth bonding is a

Emergency Dental Fillings

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Lost a Filling? – Get Emergency Filling to Relief Yourself from Excruciating Pain In case of a cavity, dentists first remove the cavity, then clean the tooth and fill it with a compound also known as tooth filling.  This is

Dental Crowns

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Dental Crowns for Restoration of Damaged Teeth Is your tooth chipped off or damaged? If yes, then to ensure you don’t lose your tooth, it’s best to get a dental crown to restore the shape, appearance and function of your

Root Canal Treatment

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Do you have an infected tooth? Did your dentist recommend you endodontic treatment? Are you worried and wondering whether to undergo this dental procedure or not? If so, then you should first know that you are not alone! There are

Dentist Open Sunday in Los Angeles

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Dentist Open Sunday in Los Angeles – Say Good Bye to Dental Nightmares! Have you ever been in a situation where you had an excruciating toothache due to wisdom tooth eruption and you couldn’t go to the dentist, just because

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